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    About GEA
    Established in 2003, Global Education Alliance is the earliest enterprise in the country to focus on provision of the B2B institution resources platform. Professionally integrating global education resources, GEA has built direct working partnership with more than 3,000 renowned institutions in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Ireland, Singapore, etc, offering plenty of fast and easy ways to study abroad.
    • GEA independently developed the Online Resource Platform for Overseas Education
    • China head office was relocated in Guangzhou.
    • The 4th GEA Global Annual Conference was held.
    • The 4th Ride For The Children charity cycling from Tangkou, Kaiping to Zhaoqing was organized for renovation of Shangen Primary School.
    • Organized Linden International Recruitment Tours in China.
    • Established GEA Perth, Vietnam, Philippines offices.
    • We supported the construction of a community cultural center in Tangkou Old Market of Kaiping City, Guangdong Province in 2016.
    • Won Hong Kong Star Brand Award 2016 - Innovation & Technology Award.
    • GEA won Hong Kong Star Brand Award 2015 - Enterprise Award - the only one educational organization winning the award.
    • Wisdom joins GEA, and our Macau office was established.
    • GEA introduced Guardianship Link with guardianship services and Property Link with student residence investment projects.
    • We set up overseas offices in London, UK; Sydney/Brisbane, Australia and Singapore.
    • In July, GEA “Giving” series launched its first session – “Ride for the Children”. GEA has been spreading love with the power of charity and has a responsibility to seek happiness for students.
    • GEA received the Brand Excellence Award of the 2014 ENTERPRISING Hong Kong Awards.
    • GEA won the "Family-Friendly Employer" award as well as the "Hong Kong Star Brand – Small and Medium Enterprises Award".
    • WFOE structure has been successfully established by forming a fully owned subsidiary in Shenzhen and Guangzhou.
    • We launched Agency link, Center Link, Institution Link, Program Link, Migration Link and Test Link to provide comprehensive services for our agent partners and to expand our student recruitment network.
    • We started the international foundation programs in Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiaotong University and Shandong University.
    • GEA Beijing office was officially established.
    • GEA expanded its business network to East China and Northeast China.
    • We set up business in Asia to extend services to our agent partners in Southeast Asian countries.
    • GEA Guangzhou office set up a processing center and began to show our strength in the overseas studies industry.
    • We rapidly dominated the market in southern, central and southwestern China and became one of the fastest growing international education consultancies in South China.
    • 福彩下载官网下载安装 name was changed to Global Education Alliance.
    • GEA is formerly known as Global Education Network, which was established in Wanchai, Hong Kong in 2003.